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NASCAR is one of many major sports in North America that attracts large amounts of fans every year to packed raceways and speedways. Fans from all over the world tune in to watch NASCAR racing as they need to get their Auto Racing fix. NASCAR is not the only popular form of car racing that the world offers as there is also Formula One Racing, or Indy Racing. With the introduction of single event sports gambling in many countries around the world, just watching one NASCAR race can lead to bolstering your fandom for NASCAR Racing. Now that you can gamble and win money on racing, you will never go back.

Sports Gambling

Daily Fantasy Sports have become a hot topic in the world of sports over the last few years. With the legalization of sports gambling in the United States, Daily Fantasy Sports are starting to flourish. Sports gambling and Auto racing have been a match made in heaven ever since. Fans of all sports have enjoyed being able to at their own leisure gamble on sporting events hourly, daily, weekly, as opposed to the restrictions that were apparent before this new paradigm shift. Sports Betting has become a multi-billion-dollar industry the last few years. Sports gambling is exceeding the expectation from a revenue perspective for a lot of people in the industry as well as fans of the sport. Just watching your first NASCAR race can lead to a wealth of Daily Fantasy Sports opportunities as daily fantasy sports are a gateway to making money off gambling and enjoying auto racing on many levels.

Founding of NASCAR

Founding of NASCAR

NASCAR was founded in 1948, 73 years ago. The Series got its start after stock car racing became very popular after prohibition ended and drivers started to modify their cars for better speeds, better handing, and overall, more power. Eventually Stock Car drivers moved from running moonshine to a more pride and profit revenue model that eventually turned to NASCAR racing. Over the years NASCAR has changed many times, the cars improve, they get faster, and they get safer. NASCAR has built a large fan base over its 73 years and now with the introduction of Daily Fantasy Sports, NASCAR fans can not only enjoy the sport they love but they can put their money at stake to beat their completion in DFS sports. The introduction of daily fantasy sports in NASCAR, is almost like taking NASCAR back to its roots of Pride and Profit. In Daily Fantasy Sports picking a winning lineup has a lot to do with studying the driver’s history at a raceway. The best strategies for winning at DFS NASCAR can be found at. NASCAR has become very exciting to watch over its tenure.

What makes NASCAR so exciting?

What Makes NASCAR Exciting?

NASCAR Racing has become a very exciting sport to watch since its inception in 1943. NASCAR will always be looked at as an iconic American Motorsport. NASCAR has some of the most skillful drivers in the world. Some may argue that the likes of Formula One drivers are better racers, but the racing is entirely different. In NASCAR races can be looked at as marathons where drivers must manage a racecar over 3-6 hours. NASCAR drivers must worry about fuel milage, wear and tear on their race cars and the bumping and grinding on the racetrack that makes NASCAR so exciting. NASCAR has a lot of different track designs and types that keep fans and racers on their toes on race day. The great NASCAR stars usually have no trouble whatsoever navigating these different types of racetracks on their ways to victory lane. ┬áThere are tracks like Pocono, also known as the “Tricky Triangle”, tracks like the Charlotte Roval, that is a very tricky road course or Talladega Superspeedway, which is also known as the “Big One” for all the big crashes that happen at the track year in and year out. Talladega is also where the cars get to 200 miles-per-hour. There have been accounts of drivers who have participated in multiple types of racing, i.e. NASCAR Formula One, or Indy Racing that say that NASCAR stock car racing presented more of a challenge than IndyCar. NASCAR races are among the most exciting in motorsport. NASCAR is certainly the most exciting series in which to attend a race. With most races being oval tracks allowing views of all the action, a NASCAR fan is never left without a view of the race. Even at larger tracks, like Daytona and Talladega, the entire two-mile or more tracks are totally visible from the grandstands. NASCAR Tracks can offer the best of everything, such as, great oval racing, road course skill, and unparalleled views. NASCAR also offers its own brand of Daily Fantasy Sports content, where you can pick your own winning lineups each race, with advice from the best at